December 25, 2008

Hi, it’s me Wurmpele here. Since Smarty quit WordPress a long time ago, I am still going to help his site. It’s 6 am Christmas morning, I’m feeling happy lol. I will update this maybe montly or sometime long, just to try and still keep this good site up. Anyways, bye and merry xmas!


http://www.sirwurmple.com or http://www.youtube.com/wurmplepenguin1


I Quit.

April 28, 2008

Hey Guys,

Well My End Is Here, I Am Quiting WordPress. Not CP, Not Bribble, Not Anything Else. Just Plain Ol’ WordPress.


  • I Play Runescape More
  • This Site Is Hard To Keep Up,

There Are Thousands Of Blogs, No Need To Waste Another.

You can still chat with me on msn, yahoo, gmail, or AIm.

Aim: JasperSmarty

Msn: Smarty_Jasper@live.com

Yahoo: jasper_305@yahoo.com

Gmail: Jasper.305@gmail.com

Sorry Guys, Its Just Getting A Huge Chore Updating Everything.

Bye For The Last Time,


The Coolio Guy. =[


Newspaper – Migrator – Catalog

April 4, 2008
Herrow People!
Lets Start With The Old Usual Newspaper! 😀
Aunt Arctic Asked To Be ‘Editor’
PhotobucketHere Are Some Ideas From The Newspaper About Aunt Arctic’s ”Job”
The Club Penguin times is pleased to announce that after two years of writing in the newspaper, Aunt Arctic has been promoted to the job Editor In Chief. The Island’s favorite weekly writer will not be overseeing the whole newsaper.
Save The Migrator Report:
Amount Completed: A Little Dirty But Almost Done.
In Focus: The Night Club
Here Are The Information For The Night Club’s History.
”Did You Know?”
Penguins have been showing off their smooth moves in the Night Club since the very beginning, making the night club one of the oldest places in Club Penguin!

Now The Next ”Did You Know?”

Theres a secret entrance to the boiler room from the night club floor. Can you find it?

Aunt Arctic Questions:
This Is Gonna Be Full, So Beware Lol.
Q1. Where Do All The New Plays From The Stage Come From?
A. With their lavish costumes, spectacular sets and unique storys, the play at The Stage certainly made an impact to the island. Since it opened its doors, we’ve seen space aliens, super heroes, and even the odd moose perform!
From what I’ve learned, the costumes, scripts, and special effects are made by The Stage Society, a group of very creative penguins that work behind the scenes.
Q2. Whats Up With The rocking horse in the Lodge Attic? Its Huge!
A. Its funny how you can waddle past something a hundred times and not notice it. After i got your question, I went straight over to the attic and took a close look at the rocking horse. Sure enough it was indeed very much taller then I was. This of course didn’t stop me from trying to climb on it.
I asked around, and no one seems sure who made the rocking horse, but on clever penguin pointed out that it wasn’t the only thing at the Island that seemed big at first.
”Sometimes the bigger the better” he said, wearing his St. Patrick Days hat. ”You should see my igloo. It has two floors”
I Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you for your great question.
Upcoming Events:
We Can Go In The Migrator Now! Its a Bit Junked Up,
The Path Picture:PhotobucketAnd The Inside Is Kinda Messy. Go Check It Out For Yourself Lol.

Clothing Catalog,

Click Here To See It.

The Secret Cheese Tie Is In The Penguin That Is Holding The Ties.


And The Green Snorkel Can Be Found In A Bubble.


Lastly The Viking Helmet.


There Was My Longest Post Ever Lol.

The Coolio Guy!


Green Puffles!

March 29, 2008

Hey Guys!

You Now Can Be A Green Puffle When You Go On The Test Servers! Heres The Link To The CPIP.

Heres A Picture.

They Are Many Glitches Found With The Green Puffle.

Here Is Stuff You Can Do.

Dance: You Go On Your Unicycle.
Wave: You Fly Up With Your Propeller Hat.
Sit: You Sit. Lol.

Also, Enjoy The April Fools Party! Its Probably The Best, Best, Party I Have Ever Seen.

Thats All For Now!

Oh And, Remember My Party Tommorow. Just Look Down At The Posts And You Will See The Invitation In A Post.

The Coolio Guy!


April Fools Party!

March 28, 2008

Hey Guys!

The April Fools Party Has Begun!

Its Really Cool, Its Also Well Creative! There’s 3 New Items Today,

1st: The Swirly Glasses! Its At The Cove.


2nd. The Rare Red Propeller Hat Has Come Back! You Can Find It In The Box In The Ski Village. Just Put Your Cursor On The Box To Open The Box.


3rd. The New Pin! Its In The Mine. Just Shape The Mine And Connect The Dots! Example: 1,2,3,4.,etc


And, You Like My new Penguin Look? I Think It Matches. =]

Check Around Club Penguin! My Favorite Room Is The Ice Berg,


Thats All For Now!


The Coolio Guy!


New Newspaper!

March 27, 2008

Hey guys!

Well, I Guess CP Is Getting BORING. Anyway, The New Newspaper!

Click Here!

Its Pretty Well Decorated With Stuff.

Tommorow Is The April Fools Party! (March 28th 2008)




March 22, 2008

Hey Guys!

Well, As I Said, They Will Be A Party Since U Guys Said It! If You Come, You Get To Be On My Buddy List Forever! Heres The Invitation For The Party.

Date: March 30th.

Time: 5 AM PST

Where: Night Club, Snow Cone.

Make It Or Else! Lol.


The Coolio Guy